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December 10, 2007-=
Kyle (the webmaster) apologizes for the severe lack of updates due to all his various commitments everywhere, but just now, new photos, discography, videos, audio, and lyrics have been added. Enjoy!
We remain the only original Skye Sweetnam fansite dating from 2003 that is still up-to-date, and we're proud of it!

May 8th, 2006-=
Since Freegb.net went down, there hasn't been a guestbook, but now there's a new one! Go post!
hmm.. and what has been new for Skye since our last update? She was nominated for a Juno in February!

August 24th, 2005-=
1. Updated biography
2. Updated discography
3. Updated videos
4. Updated contacts

January 4th, 2005-=
1. We decided the site was worth switching to its own server, much more reliable than before. So we've done it.
2. Broken links have been fixed in both the audio and video sections
3. New interview section has been added.
4. More videos, pictures, and audio have been added.
5. Lyrics/Discography section has been revamped, with much more added (more accurate than before).
6. Enjoy the first major update of 2005!

November 9th, 2004-=

Hey guys! Guess what? Here's your chance to win some sweet tix to see Skye and Ryan Cabrera in concert! Woo! Sign up before it's too late!

October 10th, 2004-=

She's released her debut album Noise from the Basement for a while now. Give it a listen! Lyrics available here!

July 22nd, 2004-= It's been a year since the last update, but this update is good. We've added tons of new audio and video, many new lyrics, and over 300 new pictures! We've also updated Skye's bio with more detail. Enjoy! Only a while left to go before she releases her debut album, Noise from the Basement

June 28th, 2003-= It's warm, the sun is shining, and I should be outside; BUT, I am here to reveal to you the newest..the one, and the only Sweet Skye Sweetnam fan site! Wooo! Time to celebrate! Let's have a party!.. Wait, I'm the only one here. Hmph. Oh well, enjoy the site!

Wow! Nice Hair!

Hey, are those my badges?

She must be daydreaming about me!

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