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 Skye Sweetnam - "How to Deal" Motion Picture Soundtrack Stuff
How to Deal Press Release

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"Daddy Daddy no I don't wannna go to school/I don't need to read Billy Shakespeare/Meet Juliet or Malvolio!" So goes the chorus from Skye Sweetnam's "Billy S.," the leadoff single from Capitol Record's original motion picture soundtrack to How To Deal, the upcoming New Line Cinema film starring multi-talented movie and music star Mandy Moore (A Walk To Remember, The Princess Diaries), adapted by Neena Beber from a series of successful teen novels by Sarah Dessen and directed by British buzz director Clare Kilner.

"Billy S." is a perfect musical introduction to How To Deal: it's an high-energy, guitar-driven, infectious pop song that the film's young characters would probably listen to - and they would definitely relate to its adolescent rebel stance. Indeed, "Billy S." and the other multifaceted musical choices captured on How To Deal's soundtrack perfectly complement the film's tale of high-schooler Halley Martin (Moore), who, despite her youth, is already jaded about the ways of love, thanks to the messed-up relationships that surround her: her tightly-wound mom (award-winning Allison Janney, of TV's smash hit "The West Wing") and too-loose celebrity-DJ dad (American Beauty's Peter Gallagher) have divorced so he can marry a ditzy blonde, her sister is potentially marrying the wrong guy, and her best friend Scarlett (Alexandra Holden, The Hot Chick) is pregnant. On top of all that, an abrupt, tragic event in Halley's life leads to a romantic encounter with a young man, but she's leery of the romantic overtures that the slightly dazed-and-confused but totally cute schoolmate (Gosford Park's Trent Ford) is sending her way.

To capture Halley's world in music, the How To Deal soundtrack is an ambitious collection that spans genres and generations, with five new songs exclusive to the soundtrack, and two (acclaimed singer-songwriter Beth Orton's magical new cover of Cat Stevens' "Wild World" and buzzworthy new artist Aslyn's "That's When I Love You") recorded specifically for the film itself. How To Deal features great tracks from the likes of established stars John Mayer and Liz Phair, alternative-rock favorites the Flaming Lips, The Donnas, Beth Orton and classic-rock legend Cat Stevens. As well, the soundtrack explodes with a number of bright-light newcomers - many of its surprising highlights come from fresh faces like Skye Sweetnam, the Music, Tremolo, Aslyn, Marjorie Fair, and ECHO. The songs on the soundtrack compilation aren't just a bunch of predictable top 40 flavors of the month, instead it features a selection of songs that enhance the film's narrative with both wit and emotion. For example, both absurdity and tragedy are brought out by scoring a funeral sequence with an unexpected choice - the Flaming Lips' darkly-humored space ballad "Do You Realize??" As well, Cat Stevens' 1971 hit "Wild World" is cleverly used as a thematic thread throughout How To Deal, both in Stevens' classic original version and in a haunting cover of the song by Beth Orton. Those are just two of the many treasures to be found on what's destined to be one of the year's biggest soundtracks. Capitol Records will release How To Deal soundtrack album on July 8, 2003. The film opens nationwide on July 18, 2003.


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